About Us

K2B Online Pvt Ltd. is a new generation smart business solutions and advisory organization leveraging cloud and mobile technologies and led by a leadership team with decades of global senior management experience in Fortune 100 companies in addition to companies varying in size from startups to Billion dollar in revenue.

K2B Online provides leading solutions applying "consumer social" technologies for the benefit of businesses addressing two of the most important stakeholders - Customers and Employees.

The company’s cloud and mobile technology based products offer our corporate customers the ability to get the world class enterprise level solutions at a much lower TCO and faster deployment. Our solutions for improving business operations and performance include - Business Strategic Objectives aligned Employee Talent Management, Collaboration-on-Cloud to Improve Employee Productivity, and Customer Loyalty and Rewards Management Solutions. In addition, the products are enabled on the mobile devices making it convenient and easy for businesses to rollout these solutions for employees and customers even when they are on the move.

The company’s solutions are also designed to address the interest of public enterprises like railways and transportation companies and government-to-citizen services for the ever growing Smart City Citizen services.