Smart Life and Business Solutions on Cloud and Mobile

We help businesses and progressive-thinking companies in improving their business operations, talent management, customer engagement processes by providing business advisory and necessary technology solutions including payments and location tracking. Our mobile enabled innovative technology solutions will help you realize operational excellence and stake holder delight while reducing your cost of operations.

Manage your Business and Team Performance from anywhere

Our employee and business performance management solution,TeamsBond, improves Collaboration and Productivity of business teams in real-time integrating teams, chats, calendar and mytriks employee talent management and business operations management solution. Available on the cloud and accessible on phones, tabs and computers, it helps businesses in improving their operational excellence and reducing cost.

Location Tracking Solutions

Our smart location tracking apps lets you locate your family, friends and teams with easy and continuous location tracking for security or just to keep in touch. This app is also used by businesses to track their marketing and sales reps or employees as needed to improve logistics and productivity and used by schools to provide school bus and child tracking for parents and school administrators. Ask your child school administration to signup for TRAKS if they have not yet done to secure your child's school transportation.

Smart Payments, Customer Engagement and Rewards Management

Our smart payment ziptm solution allow businesses and customers with smart wallet options for completing cashless smart transactions. ziptm transforms customers smart phone in to a wallet. Customers can carry all shopping and reward cards, coupons and deals in the smart phone. No need to carry any plastic cards and paper coupons during your next shopping. Wow, finally you can say no to forcible chocolates and candies given to you at shops instead of small change during billing - receive cash in ziptm and buy the chocolate or candy that you like and when you like. Go hip and be Smart and Eco-friendly.

Our customer engagement and rewards management solution, SmartEngage improves multi-channel customer engagement needs for brands, retailers and service centers. Available on cloud and accessible on phones, tabs and computers, it enables Brand owners to improve direct customer touch points, gain customer insights, enhance brand positioning and recall, retain loyalty and improve business growth by managing customized rewards programs and enabling QR codes.

Strategic Business Advisory to take your Business to next level

Our customer advisory practice is backed by experience of professionals with decades of experience working across the globe as senior executives in Fortune 100 companies including Cisco, Microsoft and companies varying in size from startups to Billion dollar in revenue. Our advisory services span Strategy and Business Innovation, Business Performance Management, Technology Management and Digital Enablement using Cloud and Mobility, Leadership Development and Governance.

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Cloud and mobile based Team Collaboration and Performance Management solution
Team Collaboration and Performance Management solution on cloud
Smart Tracking, Track your family, friends or teams - Find their latest location on the Map
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Smart Engage
Multi-channel customer engagement solution on cloud with loyalty and rewards management
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